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You’re a construction specialist that comes down from a mountain to discover that the zombie apocalypse has happened. What do you do? Use your skills to build effective barricades and defenses while searching the landscape for suitable weapons during the day. Then, as the sun sets, you prepare to fight for your life! Why? Because this is KULI (Kill Until the Last Infected). You’ll be given plenty of mini-challenges along the way, including kill targets and rescue missions, but as long as you stay alive, you’re winning. Free, unblocked and ready to play here on Gamepix, KULI will have you digging deep and fighting to survive! Kill the zombies: hold Shift to stop yourself in shooting position and click to shoot. Build towers and walls: hold Shift to open building options (you can only go in building mode on daytime, the survival battle will start in the night!). Play KULI now on GamePix!

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