What are io games?

A special category of games has emerged in recent years, called .io games. This is a genre that owes its name to a quirk of the way the modern internet works.The letters ‘io’ have special significance in the world of digital entertainment. In electronics circles, they stand for ‘input output’. Arduino and Raspberry Pi users might think of the row of sockets that come attached to the top of the board: the General Purposes Input Output (GPIO) header. In gaming, we need inputs and outputs. An input can be a keyboard, mouse or control pad. An output might include a screen and some speakers. If you’re gaming on a handheld device, then all of these features are housed inside the same unit, and all of the io goodness goes on internally – but the principles remain the same: on either side of process, you need inputs and outputs.Coincidentally, there’s also a Country Code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) for ‘io’. These are the collections of letters you get at the end of a website – for example, Japanese websites end in .jp; UK websites end in .uk; German websites end in .de. The letters ‘io’ signify that a site is hosted in the British Indian Ocean territory. Most of the websites which use this domain, however, don’t have anything to do with this part of the world; they just wanted to get .io into their urls because of the technical association it has with gaming. A similar thing happened with .tv, the ccTLD for the Polynesian island of Tuvalu (10% of whose government revenue comes from royalties from addresses).Here on Gamepix, you’ll find a range of .io games, all unlocked and ready to play in browser-friendly HTML5. You’ll be able to enjoy them on just about any device you can think of!

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