What are Games for Girls?

For most of recorded history, video games have been played and designed mostly by boys. You might picture a young John Carmack (the founder of id software) spending hours and hours in front of a screen so that other young men can do the same thing shooting bad guys in Wolfenstein and Doom.But recently, things have begun to change. More and more girls have got involved with gaming – and the industry, recognizing a sizeable untapped market, has been keen to let them. Many of the most obvious examples of girl-oriented gaming are adaptations of girl-oriented toys: Barbie Horse Adventures and Detective Barbie spring to mind. And then there have been more women represented in mainstream games: nowadays, you’re just as likely to see a woman onscreen as you are a man.When did girls start to get in on the action? The truth is they’ve always been there. Polling by the industry indicates that girls make up roughly half of people who play games, even if not quite as many of them identify themselves as ‘gamers’. Women tend to choose games of a different sort to men. Soccer management games and transport simulators that require hours and hours of obsessing over details are mostly played by men; women, on the whole, tend to prefer more casual puzzle games, along with story-driven RPGs.Of course, we’re generalising here. There’s no reason that girls can’t play any of the games available here on the Gamepix site, just as there’s no reason that boys can’t play any of the games listed in this section. But there’s no denying that the games listed here have a distinctly feminine flavor. They’ve been designed specifically with the tastes of girls in mind, and involve activities like dressing up, styling hair, and running small businesses. And they’re all unblocked in HTML5, meaning that they can be played on any device!

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