What are boxing games?

Human beings have been entertaining themselves through combat sports for hundreds of years. The Marquis of Queensbury rules which govern modern boxing were first drawn up in London in the 1860s, and they brought a sense of fair play and safety to the sport. It was at this time that the iconic boxing gloves were first introduced, and it was decided that there would be 15 rounds in a bout (it’s now just 12).The major differences between then and now are the amount of money involved, the sizes of the audience, and the amount of extra digital content based around the sport. Over the years, there have been dozens of enormously popular video games.Nintendo published Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! in the 1980s for the arcade. The game saw an Italian-American named Little Mac compete against a varied roster of computer opponents. Little Mac made up for his small size by being determined to score that elusive knockout. Doing so, however, would always prove challenging – especially when the player managed to reach the game’s infamously difficult final boss: Mike Tyson himself.Boxing games range from the arcade button-bashers to more detailed fighting simulations. Punch-Out!! spawned a series of sequels and imitations, including Ready 2 Rumble Boxing for the Dreamcast. But as well as providing fun, boxing games have gotten a great deal more sophisticated, and graphically compelling. When Electronic Arts released the Fight Night series in the mid-2000s, they wowed the industry with realistic facial physics every time a combatant received a punch in the mouth.If you’re looking for a slice of boxing action in HTML5 form, then you’ll find it here. Each of our games is playable right from your browser, without any need for downloads or installations.

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